Coka’s Home and Office Cleaning offers weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and occasional services. We show up with all cleaning supplies and welcome any requests.

Residential Cleaning

Sometimes certain things need more attention than others. That’s why we consult with you before each cleaning to make sure we are cleaning what you want, the way you want, so that when you come home, all you experience is sheer joy. We welcome one-time-only cleanings for events such as reunions, parties, or even after disasters. We also offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings that accommodate your schedule. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Residential Services Include:

  • Dusting, Vacuuming and Sanitizing Every Room

  • Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets, Counters, and Fixtures

  • Steam Mopping Hard Floors (unless otherwise instructed)

  • Scrubbing and Sanitizing Bathrooms and Fixtures

  • Cleaning Baseboards, Windowsills, Pictures, Light Fixtures, Ceiling Fans, and Lamps

  • Wiping Down the Inside of Ovens, Microwaves, and Refrigerators (when instructed)


Our goal is your satisfaction.

Office Cleaning

Your office is your home away from home, and with so many people in and out of the office every day, keeping the office clean can be a real challenge. We pride ourselves in making your office shine, not only for staff members but for visitors, board members, and stakeholders, as well. Doing an excellent job at affordable prices, along with following explicit instructions from our customers, has no doubt enabled us to get to where we are today.

Commercial Services Include:

  • Cleaning Entry Areas and Doors

  • Vacuuming Carpeted Areas

  • Mopping Hard Floors

  • Dusting All Hard Surfaces

  • Cleaning Kitchen and Food Areas (including microwaves and refrigerators)

  • Scrubbing and Sanitizing Bathrooms

  • Wiping Down Desks and Computer Screens

  • Emptying Trash Receptacles and Replacing Liners

  • Cleaning and Dusting Blinds and Ceiling Fans